About Us

In Bhopal, India

Welcome To Janmadhyam

The Jan Madhyam was incorporated on 4th August 2000, to Create a world where every citizen can live a secure, healthy and fulfilling life and, sustain in harmony with nature.Along with various social, economic and environmental development initiatives,Since its inception Jan Madhyam has been working untiringly for bringing change in rural India with special focus on marginalized and acting as a catalyst to transform their lives and livelihood, taking into change and environmental sustainability. Jan Madhyam started by developing a strong grassroots presence in some distinct regions of Central India; namely, Gond -predominant eastern tribal region (Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh), plateau region of Malwa - agriculturally rich central India Feudal region, and Bhil predominant western tribal region, in pockets that had high incidence of poverty among scheduled castes, backward classes, and tribals. Poverty alleviation and other rural development initiatives were started in these pockets of poverty. We made a limited beginning but successfully created opportunities for livelihoods promotion. Reaching out to thousands of deprived households with field offices at around 13 locations across Madhya Pradesh.


Jan Madhyam’s expertise is its action research on development issues, and studies range across different developmental themes, covering the whole of India. The management of Jan madhyam is in the hands of committed professionals who make an exciting mix of youth and experience. The Jan Madhyam faculty consists of experts from various fields, including mainstream development professionals, government officials, academicians, and enterprising individuals in private institutions. The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s expertise, experience, and passion to the range of our developmental initiatives.

Our Vision

Providing technological solutions for effective planning at grassroot level for better implementation leading to environmental security and improved livelihoods.

Our Mission

Improve Natural resources to create a balanced environment with improved planning mechanisms to improve the livelihoods of people living in extreme poverty in rural India.